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IRS Delays Implementation of New Rules for 1099-K Forms

Under a new rule enacted in 2021, third-party payment processors must issue a Form 1099-K to any individual who receives $600 or more in payments for goods or services during a year. However, IRS officials have noted that this rule could cause widespread confusion, since many transactions completed through online payment platforms have no tax impacts. Examples of non-taxable transactions include settling up with friends and selling used personal items.

Therefore, the IRS will not enforce the new rules for tax year 2023. Instead, third-party payment processors may operate under the prior rules, only sending 1099-K forms to users who received over $20,000 in payments through over 200 transactions. In addition, 2024 will serve as a phase-in year, with the 1099-K reporting threshold set at $5,000. Full implementation of the $600 threshold will not occur until at least 2025.