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We have been serving tax and accounting needs for over 20 years plus 11 years working as an IRS insider.   Dedicated to always being on top of her game, Karen has made it a priority to always be growing and improving and making sure you are growing and improving too!


My name is Adam Jacobson and I own 801 Power Sports in Morgan Utah. MV Tax and Accounting does both my bookkeeping and taxes. I have had a few other companies do these for me and have not been satisfied with them, come to find out I was losing money every year because of write off’s that were missing or they just did not have the experience and knowledge to perform their job properly and get you all the benefits and money you deserve.  I am saving money every year now because of MV Tax and Accounting. The fees MV charges are very reasonable for everything that you get in return.  Every part of the processes involved from getting my taxes paid on time and general questions that I have to MV Tax and Accounting have been answered in a very Streamlined and Professional manner. MV Tax and Accounting has Exceeded my expectations in every way. I HIGHLY Recommend this Professional company to do your taxes and accounting.


Ellen and I have found you reliable and your services have been concise as well as accurate. We really appreciate the tax coaching besides the tax preparation and although our taxes are not the simplest or the most complex you have always treated us a great customers.
Daren “Bear “Child Principal Data Architect

“I started my business in the beginning of 2017 and for 3 straight years I battled with the challenges that most entrepreneurs face. Trying to hire, trying to grow bigger, and most of all trying to hang on to a little bit of the money I made so that it would be worth all the sacrifices. But the more I grew the company the harder it was to maintain cash flow and be profitable. It just kept getting more and more stressful. It felt like I was growing big and sinking deep at the same time. When Karen told me about the Profit first concept I was a little skeptical at first. The theory made perfect sense in my brain but I didn’t know if I could trust it enough to give up my old habits of how I managed my company’s money. I decided to give it a shot. I went straight to the bank to set up several different bank accounts. I started forcing myself to be profitable with my very next deposit and then used the left over money to run my business. I’m 6 months into it now and I’ve turned more profit in the last 6 months then I did in the last 3 years combined. Like way more. Things are still stressful and the money in my “operating account” is super tight but the difference is I have something to show for it now which makes it worth all the work. I would recommend all business owners learn about the profit first concept and try it out. You’ll wish you would have heard about it sooner.” –Cam