COVID-19 Update for our Services

We are back in the office for in-person meetings by Appointment Only.  Currently you will need to call or email to set that up however as we are temporarily suspending online booking. 

In the process of re-vamping the website…fun fun fun

We have loved doing more work virtually however and still recommend as much be done using our Portals and virtual tools!! 

This means via Phone, Email, or Zoom video conferences. Documents can be shared using our online Secure Portal. If you cannot use the Virtual options for whatever reason, we will work with you to collect your documents in a safe manner. A future secure drop box is in the works to deliver docs to my office. 

Please call, email, or text if you need instructions for using the portal or other methods available. I will send updates as things progress and more information is available.

IRS and the State of Utah has extended filing AND payment of tax until July 15, 2020

If you have questions about your tax refunds or Corona Cash please try the tools on the IRS website first, thank you!!


MV Tax & Accounting, Inc, is a trusted tax preparation and accounting firm that offers individual and business income tax preparation and tax planning.  We value each of our clients and recognize that every situation is unique.  Our job is truly get to know all about your entire situation and customize tax planning that will maximize your tax savings opportunities. Every tax dollar saved is a dollar in your pocket!

A-Team Profit Accounting

is a subsidiary of MV Tax &  Accounting.  We believe the Power of “1” and that there is Strength in “Numbers”.   Success is achieved when you add quality players to your team. Our team of professional accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers are committed to helping you achieve your end goal by developing strategies for profitable growth and tax savings, which of course all starts with impeccable accounting records.  Join “A Team” where each player “Counts”!

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“I started my business in the beginning of 2017 and for 3 straight years I battled with the challenges that most entrepreneurs face. Trying to hire, trying to grow bigger, and most of all trying to hang on to a little bit of the money I made so that it would be worth all the sacrifices. But the more I grew the company the harder it was to maintain cash flow and be profitable. It just kept getting more and more stressful. It felt like I was growing big and sinking deep at the same time. When Karen told me about the Profit first concept I was a little skeptical at first. The theory made perfect sense in my brain but I didn’t know if I could trust it enough to give up my old habits of how I managed my company’s money. I decided to give it a shot. I went straight to the bank to set up several different bank accounts. I started forcing myself to be profitable with my very next deposit and then used the left over money to run my business. I’m 6 months into it now and I’ve turned more profit in the last 6 months then I did in the last 3 years combined. Like way more. Things are still stressful and the money in my “operating account” is super tight but the difference is I have something to show for it now which makes it worth all the work. I would recommend all business owners learn about the profit first concept and try it out. You’ll wish you would have heard about it sooner.” –Cam